Breakfast for dinner: Eggs Benedict with Bacon & Arugula

Day two this week that I wanted breakfast for dinner. I had bagels and lox the other day. I've been wanting to take a stab at Eggs Benedict for a while, so this worked out. Conquering my fear of scrambling the Hollandaise and breaking my poached eggs while cooking is driving me! I dressed up the traditional recipe, which is typically English muffin, Canadian bacon, poached egg, and Hollandaise. I feel like if I added some veggies it would add to the whole dinner well-roundedness of the meal. I like my logic.

Hollandaise sauce (portioned for about 4 English muffin HALVES):
-2 egg yolks
-1/2 tbs. lemon juice
-4 tbs. butter (1/2 stick)

1. Gently melt the butter on the stovetop.
2. Add your egg yolks, lemon juice, and seasonings to a blender and blend on high for 30 seconds to a minute, until the mixture thickens and starts to lighten in color.
3. Drop the blender speed to lowest setting and drizzle in melted butter *slowly*. I went about a tablespoon at a time. You don't want scrambled eggs.
4. Blend for a couple more seconds, so everything combines!

Arugula salad (portioned for about 4 English muffin HALVES):
-2 cups arugula
-1 tbs. extra virgin olive oil
-1 tbs. white wine vinegar
-Pinch of salt and pepper

1. In the bottom of a bowl whisk together olive oil, vinegar and seasonings.
2. Toss arugula in the dressing and set aside.

Poached egg:
1. Bring a pot half-filled with water to a boil.
2. Add a couple of teaspoons of white vinegar to help the egg cook.
3. Gently break the eggs into the water. Cook for about 3 minutes.

Building your Eggs Benedict!
1. Toast the English muffins.
2. Layer on your bacon. I cook mine in the oven on a baking sheet, and folded the pieces up so they fit better on the muffins. See below pic!

3. Top with sliced tomato, the arugula salad, the poached egg, and a drizzle of Hollandaise. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. I also did a little spoon of caviar on top for extra fancy-schmanciness. 😉